Low light

The Paterswoldse Meer in the evening sun

Today the sun came out again, finally. So I decided to go out again, to a nearby lake. A Caspian Gull had been seen there in the past week, so I decided to go after some birds again. This Caspian Gull is on certain weekdays seen on the Vismarkt (the fish market) where it’s easily approachable. However, during the past week, I had to work on those days, so I’ll just have to keep that in mind for a later time. Late afternoon all those gulls come together in the Paterswoldse Meer to sleep. I’ve been there regularly and I’ve always come to the conclusion that the birds are too far away to take good pictures. Like this time… After trying to get some nice pictures of a Herring Gull (see below) I decided to try my luck elsewhere and do something with the setting sun and the resulting nice colours. On the other side of the lake are some islands surrounded by reed. The low sun gave a warm colour on that reed. With an as small aperture as much as possible I tried to blur the water and still have the background in focus. Not very easy, but I’m quite satisfied with this result.

A Herring Gull at the Paterswoldse Meer

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