The bees and the flowers

Mining bee

Last week I started with the chapter about bees, flowers and pollination in one of my classes at school. When we started discussing this, I realized I didn’t really have a picture of an insect with pollen attached to it. Today I went to Appelbergen again to see if I could find the first dragonflies and to take pictures of the Mining Bees. No dragonflies yet there, but the mining bees were very active. To my surprise they were three-coloured today, besides the grey and black there was also yellow. Apparently they had been eating nectar and had gotten some pollen as a bonus. This gave me the opportunity to make some nice pictures to show my 1st class pupils next week.

Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.

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