near home

Had I only known how many special dragonflies could be found around Eibergen when I grew up there… Now I have to return always to find Spearhead Bluets, Northern Emeralds, Common Clubtails and Beautiful Demoiselles, all rarities in the Netherlands. Ok, it’s not that bad as it also means coming home to my mom’s place, but it would have been way easier if I would have known it while I was still living here.

Today I went out in search for the Spearhead Bluet. The only population north of the rivers is only a few kilometers away from my old home. They are concentrated along some small ponds in a bog area. They often visit some trees along a path a little further. Today we (me and Geert) found some 20 individuals, mainly males. The females emerge about a week later and we just found a few. It’s great to walk around and see that many of these rare damsels flying everywhere. Unfortunately they didn’t want to pose very well, however, I’m happy with the results.

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