Back again!

to Spitsbergen

It’s definite now. Yesterday I booked my plane ticket to Spitsbergen, so I’ll be back up north this summer. Not on a ship, but on the Longyearbyen campsite. From there I’ll guide hiking tours in the Isfjord area and I’ll have plenty of time for photography. I’ll leave on July 18th and will be back on August 22nd, so another 5 weeks in the high Arctic.

The campsite itself is situated near a flower reserve, so many nice flowers everywhere and there are Arctic Skua’s (photo), Arctic Foxes and Reindeer walking around between the tents. And in the vicinity there are Ivory and Glaucous Gulls, Black Guillemots, Long-tailed Ducks and many more Arctic birds. Between guiding trips I hope to have some time to visit a Little Auk colony and maybe even a Brunnich’s Guillemot colony. So there will be many photo and film opportunities hopefully. Hopefully not too many Polar Bears, not the nicest things to have around while being in a tent 😉

The hiking trips will be for the German tour operator “Spitsbergen Tours” and will vary from one day trips to several days hiking. All this together with a really nice team of guides will probably mean I’ll have a great summer.

I’ll probably have limited internet access, so I can keep you updated of my experiences up there.

I’m looking forward to it!!

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