More Beluga’s

historical remains

Yesterday I wrote about the Beluga’s we saw swimming in the fjord. It was not by chance that we saw them swimming just off the coast. Beluga’s are almost always seen swimming close to the shore. This made them also very easy targets for hunting. This Beluga hunting was the last commercial whaling that took place on Spitsbergen. When a pod of Beluga’s would swim into a bay, the whalers would close the bay with a net using small boats. This way they would trap the whales, which were easily killed. The sad remains of this period of whaling can be found on Ahlstrandodden on Spitsbergen. This place, also known as “Kvitfiskbukta” (White fish bay), is filled with Beluga bones and old boats used for the whaling. Sad on one hand, on the other hand also really interesting as it tells something about the history of the place. But of course, I prefer seeing the live animals swimming.

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