A rare sight

Polar Bear with a Walrus

Normally Walruses have nothing to fear from Polar Bears. Underneath their 2cm thick skin there is an even thicker layer of blubber. And besides this almost impermeable outer part, they have two tusks that serve as formidable weapons if needed. A Polar Bear might not die directly from a hit, but a hurt Polar Bear won’t be able to hunt properly, so it will die eventually. Really desperate bears might try one, sometimes even with success, but then mainly on the younger calfs.

Sometimes a bear gets lucky and finds a dead one, like this bear. Then they have a lot of time to get through the skin and feed of the blubber for days. That is if they don’t get company of other bears. The gulls you see are waiting for a little bite as well. Most gulls are Glaucous Gulls, but there is a very daring Ivory Gull that waits just in front of the bear.

One comment

  • I just discover your website ( by facebook) and i realise so much SILENCE where you are, far from the noise of the city and the civilisation . It is fantastic to see them , bravo pour toutes ces belles photos !


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