the Camping Skua

Camping in Spitsbergen is always exciting. On “World Northernmost Campsite” the atmosphere is always nice, with many people using it as a place before or after they start a trip. Many stories are exchanged and many people enjoy the nice Arctic atmosphere.

Wildlifewise the campsite is also attractive. Spitsbergen Reindeer and Arctic Foxes are often seen on the campground and there is of course Marco, the Arctic Skua who regularly visits the place. He is completely used to humans (though I’ve never seen it being fed) so the problem often isn’t coming close, but more often to keep enough distance for a good picture. And the picture has a more natural feeling if you don’t see too many tents in the background.

For this picture (taken just after midnight)I laid down on my belly while it was walking towards me. I managed to get a little under the bird, making it a little larger.

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