Looking forward

Beautiful Demoiselle - Calopteryx virgo

With my most beautiful picture of 2010 (at least according to my opinion) I want to look forward to 2011. The idea for this picture came about a year ago. The Beautiful Demoiselle is a species typical for streams running through woodlands. I wanted to take a picture that combines the two important elements in the demoiselles life (water and air) and shows the habitat the animal lives in. Being my favorite picture of 2010, there are still many ways to improve it. Which will be one of my goals for 2011. Pictures like this are hard to make, but to me they tell much more of a story as close-ups of an animal (which can also be really nice of course). One of my photographic resolutions is to spent less time with my macro lens and more with my wide-angle. Not to take landscape shots, but to place the animal in its habitat. With my remote control I expect to be able to get easier closer to the animals, which is needed for pictures like this.

Apart from this there are some plans for the coming year of course. First of all my trip to Finland in the first week of May. I’ll spent a couple of nights in a hide, hoping for Brown Bear and especially Wolverine and the other days I’ll try to photograph and film some northern Owls and lekking Capercaillies. Most likely the summer will be spent at my normal place, Spitsbergen. How and what is still unknown, but I’m quite sure I’ll be back up there, camping on my own or guiding.

Apart from those thing there will be more photography workshops (now also Landscape photography around the Drentsche AaMacro photography in the Dwingelderveld and even a photo editing seminar in Groningen.

During the year I hope to take enough pictures so I can keep up with the frequency of posts so you will all keep on coming back (and hopefully post some more comments ;)).

Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.

One comment

  • Zoals je ziet Arjen geef ik niet vaak commentaar, omdat het me erg veel tijd kost achter de computer.
    Ik zit niet graag achter het apparaat en omdat veel van jouw foto’s commentaar verdienen, beperk ik mij dus.
    Jouw beelden spreken mij vaak zo sterk aan en zijn in mijn ogen zo fraai, dat commentaar daar afbreuk aan zou doen. Ik kan dus niet zomaar wat gaan roepen.
    Het dier in het landschap is wat mij zeer aanspreekt;meer dus dan inderdaad macro en allerlei portetten van vogels, insekten enz.
    Ook dat kan mooi zijn,maar zegt meestal niets over de plaats en omgeving waar
    het onderwerp verblijft. Juist die enen kleine juffer, voegt net iets toe aan een overigens prachtig en verstilt landschap.Deze manier van beelden onder de aandacht brengen spreekt mij erg aan, maar ik krijg het nog niet voor elkaar.
    De beelden maak ik wel, maar het verspreiden lukt niet erg.

    Succes met je plannen voor 2011!




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