Movie editing

Brown Bear mother and cub

Editing movies is something completely different as editing pictures. With editing a picture you change the white balance, crop or maybe change the exposure a little and then the picture is finished. With editing movies you start here, but with the shot finished, you haven’t even started to make a movie. To do this, you have to select different shots and make a story out of them. You might even have to change the light or colour in a specific shot, to match it to the other shots. Then comes the transitions and finally the sound and/or background music. As you can see, this is a lot more work as making pictures ready for publication. This week, Apple released a major upgrade of their pro video editing software: Final Cut Pro X. They rebuilt the software from scratch, giving it the same user friendliness as iMovie, but with the same features as the old Final Cut (at least the express-version). There have been some complaints about missing features, but that was mainly from pro-editors (at which the package is also aimed). For amateur users like me it has more as enough to offer.

To play with it, I decided to make a remake of my Brown Bear movie, this time a shorter version, with a little bit more action. While the old movie was made in Aperture, with a lot of default settings, is this one made completely by hand. The titles are also made in Final Cut, a lot easier as with the previous versions. All in all a great improvement.


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