Movie: The spirit of the taiga

Siberian Jay

As I told in a previous post, Siberian Jays are elusive birds. Traveling quietly in family groups, feeding on whatever they can find, sometimes very present, and the next moment completely gone again… This characterizes more taiga animals. Most animals that live in the taiga don’t occur in large numbers, so they’re easy to miss.

To be sure we would have a decent chance of finding Siberian Jays we went to a place (the visitors centre in Fulufjallet) where they regularly put out food for them and we brought some for them ourselves. This way we could bait them to places we wanted, something that worked really well. In the movie you can see the result of three different sessions, one in the pouring rain, another one on a branch and a last one more on the ground (in reverse order). The picture above was taken without any food. Once you’ve got a nice place for Siberian Jays, they’re easy to photograph as they aren’t shy at all. I hope you like it.

[vimeo w=540]


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