Flat seas

Harbour Porpoise

As you could see in the previous post the sea was almost completely flat. When we have conditions like that on Spitsbergen, I always start looking for whales, as they are easy to find while surfacing under these conditions. In the Netherlands this is of course also true, there is only one problem: we lack whales…. Only occasionally larger whales are seen from the Dutch coast and only one of the smallest members of the cetacean family, the Harbour Porpoise is native.

This day we were lucky with several Harbour Porpoises swimming just in front of the coast. Being not even two meters long, Harbour Porpoises aren’t the most spectacular species to see. Just once in a while a small back with a tiny dorsal fin breaks the surface. Maybe not a spectacular species, but it’s still a great experience to see a whale in the Netherlands. For me this was the first time I’ve taken a picture of a Dutch whale.

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