2011-10-22_vlieland_10818 (1)
Two-barred Crossbill

In a previous post you could read that I didn’t like twitching (chasing rare birds) as much anymore as I used to do. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like bird photography in the Netherlands that much anymore. Too much people and well, I’d seen most interesting birds already and didn’t want to spent hours waiting for them. However, with my new 300mm/f2.8 lens it’s getting more and more interesting again. Today I decided to go to Vlieland, the only Wadden Island that I hadn’t visited. It turned out to be a good choice. My main goal, two Two-barred Crossbills that had been seen for several weeks were fairly easy to find. Taking good pictures was a little harder. In the beginning around 20 people were standing at a small place waiting for it, but after they had seen it for a few minutes almost everybody left. A little later a message came that a Radde’s Warbler was seen a little further, then most of the others left as well. I decided to stay a bit longer to get proper pictures of the crossbills. This was definitely worth it. After half an hour he came back and stayed around us for about 45 minutes. Sitting in the treetops (so not that close, the picture above is cropped badly), and one time even drinking at the pond. When he was gone after 45 minutes, I decided to go to the Radde’s as well. A good choice, while I arrived, most people were leaving already. In the beginning around 40 people had been standing on a very small track. When I saw it, 10 people was already way too much…. But well, I’ve seen it (and the pictures suck…).

So, well, maybe I’ll be twitching or photographing birds a little more now. But still, I’ll take my time, with patience the pictures get better and you lose the crowds a little.

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