Today was finally a day with good weather. After grey, dark, rainy days for most of December and two storms in the first week of this year, today promised at least some sun. So I decided to take the opportunity and go to Schiermonnikoog, a small island in the Wadden Sea just north of Groningen. There was still quite some wind, but that wasn’t really a problem. I spent most time on deck during the 45 minutes trip on the ferry in the hope for some gulls behind the ship so I could practice with my new camera. There weren’t too many gulls, a few Common, Herring and Black-backed Gulls, but for me it was good enough. It was nice to see how fast the camera could focus. I didn’t pay too much attention to the birds that came into my viewfinder, but suddenly I saw something different. A nice, gentle gull, with a grey neck and black wingtips: a Kittiwake! Ok, it’s no major rarity, but it’s still nice to be able to photograph in the Netherlands. It passed the ship a few times and then it was gone again. Time for me to go inside to warm up a little. A nice start of the day!

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