Leopard Seal

Today I had a small internal conflict. It was probably the last nice winter day outside as they predict higher temperatures from tomorrow. So I really wanted to go outside and enjoy the last day of winter. However, I also had a ticket for the NVN nature photographers festival, a large festival with speakers like Ruben Smit, Bas Meelker, Frans Lanting and Paul Nicklen. One can imagine that I was especially looking forward to seeing the presentation of Paul Nicklen about his experiences in the Arctic and Antarctic. So the conflict was won quickly by the festival and I haven’t really seen anything of the winter weather today.

But what a day I had!! First of all it’s always really nice to talk to fellow photographers. Nice to know what they’re up to and get some new ideas or suggestions. The guys from Canon wanted to show off their large printer and did so by making a large print for free. But most important were the presentations. All of them were great, but two were really impressive. First the presentation by Nature Moments where they projected huge panoramic photo’s (made with 9 camera’s at the same time) on an immense screen. They needed 6 projectors in line to do this. Really great to see such panoramas, especially when they’re moving, having other pictures projected over them and all this with nice music. For me, the lecture by Paul Nicklen was also an absolute highlight. He told his amazing stories about how he made his Narwhal pictures, his Spear Bear assignment, his incredible experience with a Leopard Seal in Antarctica and finally his new series on Emperor Penguins. All this with a nice sense of humor and of course an important message about the changing polar regions.
And then I haven’t told you about the nice overview of the development of nature photography by Frans Lanting, the beautiful landscapes of Bas Meelker, the very talented young nature photographers from Germany, the message of the ILCP, the……


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