Dreaming of Antarctica

the Antarctic Dream in Liefdefjord

Today I heard I’ll be guiding on the vessel the Antarctic Dream for the whole month of August. This means a lot of dreaming about Antarctica, but doing so on Spitsbergen and East Greenland. I know, I’ve been there several times and it might seem normal for me to go there, but I still feel very privileged to be able to go to remote places like this. I’ll see Polar Bears and Walruses on Spitsbergen again, enjoy the pack ice surrounding it, but will also revisit East Greenland with its Muskoxen and its spectacular scenery. And above all can share my enthusiasm for these places with the other members of these trips. I’m really looking forward to that! With guiding trips like this I hope to convey some of my enthusiasm for these high Arctic places and create some awareness of its vulnerability. And of course, take great pictures so you can also enjoy!

Want to join me on any of these trips? Have a look on the website of Oceanwide Expeditions.

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