Hidden world

Blue Featherleg

Wednesday I had a field work day with the school where I work. With a group of 25 pupils we went to the Drentsche Aa (one of the few streams that still have their natural course in the Netherlands) to do vegetation analysis and take soil samples. For me it was great to work outside again. Of course I brought my camera, first of all to take pictures of the pupils, but maybe I could find some dragonflies as well… When I arrived, one of my colleagues told me already that they had found one damselfly nearby. When I had a look, I found 9 more. To me it’s always nice what you can find when you know where to look. It’s all out there, you just have to find it. With the macro lens I can bring this hidden world really close by, enlarge it and show its beauty to others. I really enjoy photographing in the remoteness of the Arctic, but it’s also a great joy to capture this hidden world nearby.

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