Arctic Fox

Both predators in the high Arctic are often really curious. Both the Polar Bear and the Arctic Fox know hardly any fear and regularly come to check out strange or new things. In a world where food is scares it’s always wise to check out new things, as it might be something edible… This Arctic Fox saw a large group of unknown things walking around the tundra and decided to come and have a look. It turned out that we were not edible (or at least a bit too large for him), but it gave us the opportunity to get some nice pictures of it. As we did our best not to scare him in any way, the fox still doesn’t know that humans can pose a threat, so next time he sees humans he still won’t be scared and might just do the same. This way future visitors to the Arctic can still enjoy these nice little animals and their fearless behavior.


Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.

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