Meet the crown prince

Brown Bear
Brown Bear

While we saw two or three different bears during the first part of the week, the last two days we only saw this big guy. The mating season of the bears is about to start and this bear had claimed his territory. Not such a bad place to claim, as there is enough food (the bait in front of the hides) for a lot of females… At least, he claimed it for now, mating season hasn’t started yet, so there is always the possibility that a larger, more powerful bear will come and chase him away. Until then, he is just the crown prince and can he only hope (and fight) to one day become the king of the area… For now he’ll just come to visit his territory, eat little and rest a lot. At least, that’s what he did in the last night of my stay. After a short visit close to my hide, he eat a little and laid down for an hour. The light was great, but how many pictures can one take from a sleeping bear… But it was still great to just watch the bear from a distance.

Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.

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