Margraten War Cemetery
Margraten War Cemetery

Last week I was at Margraten War Cemetery with a school excursion. We walked through the cemetery and saw the 8000 white crosses and I thought about the persons behind those crosses. The persons like John R. Nofsinger Jr. He was only 21 when he enlisted for a war that wasn’t his. I don’t know him, nor the people he left behind. But he also didn’t know me, nor my grandparents. I doubt he knew a lot about the countries he fought in, but still he came here to fight for our freedom.

When I had these thoughts, I asked my pupils what they would do if there would be a war somewhere else. Would they enlist and fight? And what would I do? Would I risk it all and give up my normal live? I don’t know… I really don’t. But I’m glad there are people like John who did, who came here to fight, and even die, for the freedom of people who they didn’t know. For my freedom.

It’s good to visit places like this every once in a while to commemorate the people who died for our freedom. And it was also good to bring a new generation to this place and to see the pupils being really impressed.

Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.


  • We live nearby ‘de Holterberg’ were there is a very impressive Canadian War Cemetery. Always gives me goosebumps when we just walk by or visit it. I guess times have changed, or have they…….?

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  • I always think about the suffering of those left behind, it’s their screams that fill the air. Kids fighting for profit, so the rich get richer. I have no faith in our government . They no longer do the right thing for the people. They live for greed and profit and for themselves and we pay the price in bodies and misery. They lie. The banks run the country. They ultra rich pull the strings of our pretend president. Our kids die for riches. It never used to be like this. If it was, they hid it better. Ike said it was starting to happen and that people should fight against the government, but no one listened. They still aren’t listening.


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