Antarctic birds of prey

Brown Skua

There are no birds of prey in Antarctica. But of course the role of avian top predator has to be taken by some bird species. The skua’s happily take that role. They will eat of anything they can get. Eggs (like in this image), young or sick birds or even scavenge on dead animals, they’re all in for it.

In this case I got lucky again as one of the birds landed right in front of my feet with a Gentoo Penguin egg in its beak. The second one rapidly joined and together they had a nice feast with the egg. For me it was a bit difficult to get a proper composition, as there were guest standing all around this. This was really the only possible way I could take a picture without having people in the image.

Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.

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