The Kings of South Georgia

King Penguins

South Georgia has it all. Stunning scenery, interesting history and it’s packed with wildlife. How packed? Well, we once had to cancel a landing because there were too many Fur and Elephant Seals on the beach, there just wasn’t enough space for us to land… One of the main wildlife attractions are the colonies of King Penguins. These penguins are nearly a meter tall and occur in several very large colonies. This one, in St Andrews Bay, is the largest, with between 100.000 and 150.000 breeding pairs (which could lead up to 400.000 individuals).

Due to the very long breeding cycle (it takes over one year to raise a chick), King Penguins can only breed twice every three years, though most of the time it will be once every two years. But this also means there are always chicks in the colony, small ones or the so called ‘teenagers’, who are already abandoned by their parents and are getting rid of their brown down jacket.


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