Picking a fight

Elephant Seals on South Georgia

The beach in Saint Andrews Bay was packed with wildlife, like most beaches on South Georgia… Of course there were many King Penguins (the colony isn’t that far away from the landing site), but there were also many Antarctic Fur Seals and Southern Elephant Seals. Most of the latter were the so called ‘wearers’, young Elephant Seals left behind by their mother, but without teeth yet, so unable to feed for themselves. Fortunately they’ve got enough fat to last them through the next weeks before they can find food themselves.

But there were also a few older ones, most likely younger adults who were chased away by the older bulls during the breeding season. They now were the oldest on the beach and tried to show off, picking fights with younger males to show their dominance over them. Maybe, one day, in a couple of years they can be a beach master themselves and then it’s good to have practiced some fights and shown some other bulls you’re the strongest…

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