Counting species

Chinstrap Penguin
Chinstrap Penguin

On a ‘normal’ Antarctic Peninsula trip it’s possible to see 3-4 species of penguin. Normally the Gentoo Penguins are the easiest. On the places on the Peninsula that we regularly visit this is the most common penguin. The Adelie is a bit more complicated as it breeds further south (or east), but often we manage to see one or two who got lost in another colony. Chinstraps, like the one in the picture, are most common on the South Shetland Islands, just north of the peninsula. This means the Chinstrap is often the first penguin that we see on a trip, as we often see them already porpoising in the Drake when we have almost passed the passage, but it also gives us only a few options to see them on land. In this case we landed near a colony and could all have a good look. Even on the 4th species, one lonely Macaroni Penguin had found a place in-between these cute fellows. Oh, and Emperors? Those are really rare on the western side of the peninsula.

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  • Arjen,
    Nog bedankt voor je kaart. Ik was verbaasd dat er een postkantoor in dit deel van het Zuidelijk Halfrond was.
    Volgens mij heb jij een superjaar, blijf genieten (en mooie foto’s maken). Groet, Tjerk

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