Bird with an attitude

Thick-billed Murre

The end of August isn’t the most logical time of the year to visit the bird cliff of Alkefjellet. Most of the 60.000 breeding pairs of Thick-billed Murres (or Brunnich’s Guillemots) have already left, so there is much less to see as usual. However, for our guests that doesn’t matter as they are here now and if you haven’t seen it at its busiest, it’s still impressive. And there was enough to see. The last few thousands of birds were still on the cliffs, jumping in the water as we were cruising.

This bird was apparently a little upset with its dad. He was told to jump from the cliff even though he couldn’t fly yet. They promised him there would be a see filled with food underneath, but clearly he hadn’t gotten any yet. Time to open up his beak to his parents…


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