As seen from above


Drone photography is hot nowadays. And with a reason, an aerial view gives a new dimension to your pictures or movies. However, regulations become stricter all the time. According to IAATO and AECO rules, drones are banned for touristic purposes on both Antarctica and Spitsbergen. I can see the reason behind those rules, danger for airplanes (okay, not in the polar regions), drones falling into the water,  but I also try to imagine a few people buzzing with their drones above some nice wildlife/landscape and the rest of the group being annoyed by those things spoiling their views…

In this case no drone was needed. These Walruses were hauling out just underneath a small cliff. After having looked at them from the beach for a while, we also had a look from the cliff. This way we could easily take ‘aerial shots’ without the need of a drone.


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