Greenlandic wildlife

Arctic Redpoll

A question we often get at the beginning of an East Greenland trip is if we will see a lot of wildlife or birdlife. The answer is no… Greenland is an awesome place with spectacular scenery (as can be seen in my previous posts) and it has really nice autumn colours in September. However, you won’t see too much wildlife. Maybe a few whales on the way from Iceland to Greenland (see movie below) and hopefully some Muskoxen or even Arctic Hare, but it will not be a lot. And most of the birds have already left the area, September is really autumn in these places and you want to be further south when winter kicks in…

But this does not mean we don’t see any animals at all. Like I said, a few Muskoxen were seen far away on the mountains and some had an Arctic Hare and we had a few nice birds. Eider, Long-tailed Duck, Raven being the most common, but I also had twice a family group of Arctic Redpoll flying around on the tundra. A true high Arctic passerine that we don’t have on Spitsbergen, so always nice to see. Especially when they sit on a rock not too far away and pose for a picture.

Denmark Strait from Arjen Drost on Vimeo.

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