A surprising​ view

Sometimes it’s nice to surprise the guests. On Pleneau Island we climbed a hill to get a view of the surrounding bays. I knew what lay ahead, but passengers didn’t. As soon as we made it to the little summit, I heard shouts of amazement behind me. On the other side of the island, we now could see an iceberg graveyard, a relatively shallow bay where big icebergs get stuck. Usually, a place where we cruise with zodiacs, but this time we had a look from above. On the plateau on top of the hill, there were several Gentoo, and one Adelie Penguin moulting and a pair of Subantarctic Skuas was trying hard to defend their chick, a little further down. But most of us just sat down and enjoyed the stunning view over the ice-filled bay.20180309_Arjen_Drost_64391

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