The Hunt for the Wirebird

Our next stop was St Helena. The island is known to most as the last place where Napoleon was forced to live. For birdwatchers, however, it is also known as the only place where one can find the St Helena Plover, also known as the Wirebird. The closest relative to this plover is the Kittlitz’s Plover from Africa. The Wirebird can only be found on higher pastures on St Helena. Hence it was the most sought-after species during our visit. We decided to grab a taxi (an extraordinary one that is) and try to have a look. The result? Have a look at this movie.

Hunt for the Wirebird from Arjen Drost on Vimeo.
Apart from the Wirebird, there is little original birdlife left on land. There are the White Terns, but apart from that, all species are introduced. The butterflies were more natural, even though not endemic, like this African Monarch.

African Monarch

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