The final stop

And then, after 34 days, most of then at open ocean, we reached our final destination! Over a month ago we started in Ushuaia and in that time we covered over 6500 nautical miles and visited South Georgia, Gough, Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and Ascension Island. And now we landed on the Cape Verde Islands.

Cape Verde Warbler

As this was the end of our trip, we didn’t have any guests around anymore. I had decided to stay for a few days, with some colleagues, to do some birding. On our first day, we searched for most endemics of the island. This Cape Verde Warbler wasn’t easy to find, but we managed to see it in the botanical gardens.

Grey-headed Kingfisher

Not an endemic, but very nice to see was the Grey-headed Kingfisher. Beautiful coloured and relatively common on the island. Always a pleasant sight.



  • An exotic existence, traveling 6500 nautical miles in a month to all of these beautiful places in the world, Arjen. Thanks for taking us along to these wondrous places. The Cape Verde Islands, with the gorgeous grey-headed kingfisher and elusive CV warbler, were a terrific ending to this monumental adventure.


  • That pole looks ridiculously tall. They discovered recently at Jamaica Bay that Ospreys don’t mind nesting in on poles less than 5 feet high. Saves having to climb up to check the nest.


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