A dry place

Compared to my previous visit, the Cape Verdes looked a lot dryer. A few artificial lakes had some greenery on the shores, but apart from that, it was scorched. On our first day, we had visited several of the greener sites, on the second day, we went for the dryer parts.

Hoopoe Lark

Our first goal was some larks. There are several species of larks on the islands, and we managed to find three. The Black-crowned Finch-Lark (see top), the Hoopoe Lark and the  Bar-tailed Lark.

Cream-coloured Courser

On our way back, we had a short stop at a place where we saw more larks, but also the endemic subspecies of the Cream-coloured Courser. A small detail in these pictures is the position of the shadow. It’s directly underneath the birds, meaning the sun was directly overhead.


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