Antarctic Birds: Southern Fulmar

When guiding in the far north, there’s only one tubenose that we regularly see: the Northern Fulmar. Coming down south, you suddenly have to get used to a whole range of different tubenoses, from the small storm-petrels to the giant albatrosses. But there is one, more or less, familiar face: the southern Fulmar.

Southern Fulmar in flight

They are not the same species but look quite similar. The Southern Fulmar has a bit a more delicate bill and is a bit more uniformly grey compared to its northern cousin. The grey colour makes it some difficult to find at open see and we never see them in large numbers. But every now and the one hangs behind the ship during one of the crossings of the Southern Ocean.

With their grey colour, they are often difficult to find

They breed on Antarctica and several subantarctic islands and can be seen all around the Southern Ocean.

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