Antarctic Birds: Light-mantled Albatross

According to many, the most beautiful species of albatross: the Light-mantled Albatross. A light brown body, with darker brown wings and face and a gorgeous white line over the bill and behind the eye. It’s an easy to identify albatross and only really to be mistaken for the Sooty Albatross, which occurs further north (not to be mistaken with the old name for the Light-mantled Albatross, which was Light-mantled Sooty Albatross).

Light-mantled Albatross in flight

They breed on subantarctic islands and when you’re lucky, you can see the, do their spectacular courtship display along the green slopes of South Georgia. They have this synchronised flight where they almost dance together through the skies.

Light-mantled Albatross in flight

Most of the  Light-mantleds I see are the ones flying behind the ship. Sometimes we get lucky and have several flying behind the ship. At one moment we had a total of seven at once, the reason for us to postpone a staff meeting and all rush outside ourselves to enjoy these splendid birds.

Light-mantled Albatross in flight

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