Behind the clouds

Clouds are a theme this trip. We definitely have a lot of them, but sometimes we can enjoy them better as at other times. Sometimes they take away the little daylight we have, making it much more difficult to see anything, especially when snow falls from it.

Snowdrift at 15:30

But sometimes, we have a few gaps in the clouds and can see something nice behind. Like another cloud. When the conditions are right in the high atmosphere, and the sun is under the right angle, Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC) can form. These clouds can be as high as 20km, are most often seen in the polar regions and are very colourful.

Polar Stratospheric Cloud

At other moments, the clouds obscure things that we would love to see. Last night, I had the feeling I saw some light shining through the clouds. As there was hardly any artificial light around that could reflect on the clouds, I decided to grab my camera and take a few pictures. And yes, it was as I expected. Behind the clouds, there should have been quite a display of northern lights as they were even colouring the clouds green.

Lady Aurora covered in clouds

Unfortunately, it didn’t clear up and we couldn’t enjoy the true splendour of Lady Aurora, but this was a different and nice way to enjoy this polar phenomenon. 


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