We had just sailed out of Burfjorden when the wind had picked up. It was still beautiful, so many people were outside. Apart from the wind, the weather was nice, with some gaps between the clouds. In one of those gaps, I found another Polar Stratospheric Cloud. These clouds can be up to 20km high and consist of tiny ice crystals. When lit under the right angle (with the sun just below the horizon), they have really nice colours.

Polar Stratospheric Cloud

While we were still enjoying these rare polar clouds, suddenly two Humpback Whales surfaced not far from the ship. Quickly the clouds were forgotten and all attention was focussed on the whales. With (most) of the herring gone, we were getting a little worried if we would find any. But fortunately, these whales just hang around long enough for us to see them. They were quite lazy swimming along and allowed us nice and close looks at them.

Two Humpback Whales surfacing

We could follow them for a while and decided to leave them alone after a while. Our ways would separate anyhow, we were heading towards the next fjord, where the whales were likely to head out of the fjords to open ocean, searching for more food.

A Humpback Whale going for a dive.

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