The only friend

As I wrote in the previous post, the Avocets wer very dominant and aggresssive and would chase away all other birds in the pond. Well, almost all. Apparently they had signed a peace treaty with a family of Little Ringed Plovers as they were allowed to roam around freely as long as they stayed away from the little island the Avocets used for breeding.

Little Ringed Plover

Most of the time there was only one adult present, but towards the end of the day the rest of the family also showed up. At that moment, we had three juveniles and one adult running around.

I spent most of the day filming (as usual nowadays), but it might still take some time before I have finished the movie of that day. When I do, I’ll post it here, of course.

little Little Ringed Plover

Arjen Drost

Arjen is a Polar ecologist, nature photographer and full time expedition guide on expedition cruise ships in both Polar regions. With his pictures and stories he likes to show the beauty of these very fragile and threatened places.

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