MOVIE: In search for the EMperor Penguin

This week two years ago, I visited the Emperor Penguin colony near Snow Hill Island in the Weddell Sea for the second year in a row. After two unsuccessful attempts in 2015 and 2016, we finally managed to land near the colony. These were easily my two most memorable days in my almost 20 year long career as a Polar guide. The first year I was torn between taking stills and filming. This gave me good pictures, but not that great film footage. The second year, I focussed completely on film, resulting in this movie.

Emperor Penguins on the sea ice on their way to the colony.

When you step out of the helicopter on the sea ice, it looks like you’ve been teleported to a new, white world. We always land behind a large iceberg (not to disturb the birds), so a short walk is needed to get to the colony. Usually, you’re accompanied by some Emperor Penguins, who are also on their way to the colony. When you arrive at the colony, one can only sit and wonder…

With this movie, I hope to show you a little how it is down there. I hope you enjoy!


  • Prachtige film! Ik volg al je heel lang je blog maar kon nooit een commentaar achterlaten. Nu met een nieuw account lukt het hopelijk. Ik geniet van je mooie foto’s en films, bedankt!


    • Bedankt voor het compliment! En leuk te horen dat je al lang van m’n foto’s en films geniet.

      Gelukkig lukt het nu wel met het schrijven van het commentaar. Altijd leuk om wat te horen!

      Groeten, Arjen


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