A good morning

Sometimes things work out much better as planned. The last few days, my mom and Geert came over for a visit. This morning, we had some time before they would go home again, so we decided to pay a visit to my local patch: de Onlanden. During the last weeks, several Black-winged Stilts were seen here and we hoped we could find them. Sometimes they would come close, sometimes they would stay far away and sometimes, you wouldn’t see them at all, so it was a bit of a gamble, as usual with wildlife.

Black-winged Stilt

Well, we were lucky. As soon as we arrived, one Black-winged Stilt flew in and landed right at our feet. Here he spent some time feeding, before he flew off and landed a bit further away. This gave me the opportunity to take some flight shots and pictures of the bird in its natural environment.

Black-winged Stilt in flight – a bit like a ballet dancer

A little later, the bird-noise levels increased even more. There is a Black-headed Gull colony nearby, so there is always quite some noise, but now, there was a clear increase. Soon, somebody shouted “Osprey!!” And yes, an Osprey came flying over, accompanied by a squadron of Black-headed Gulls who tried to chase him away. Ospreys are regularly seen in de Onlanden, but rarely by me, so this was a real treat, not only for my visitors, but also for me.

Osprey and Black-headed Gull

Apart from the gulls, another sound was prominent: the very characteristic song of the Sedge Warbler. As I showed in my previous post already, this little brown bird is very common in the Onlanden and often quite willing to pose for a nice picture. Just before we left, we even found one who left the reeds and started to sing from a Willow.

Sedge Warbler

This made for a great ending of a super morning (another highlight was the first Bluethroat for my mom and Geert) and a nice end of their visit.

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